Choose among a variety of self-adhesive and non self-adhesive labels on foil or paper to tell the story of your product.

Close cooperation between the customer and the CETIS FLEX team can result in the development of unique features which lead to a distinguished product. A small but special feature can make a big difference in product recognition.

CETIS offers a variety of options:


  • PE (white, clear, silver)
  • PP (white, clear, silver)
  • CleanFlake
  • Wine materials
  • Special self-adhesive materials according to customer’s specification
  • Possible combination of two materials on one label
  • Standard label materials (coated, uncoated, art, etc.)
  • Metallised materials
  • Special label materials
  • Security paper
  • Pre-prepaired VOID materials are also possible
  • Thermal self-adhesive paper
  • And others


  • Offset printing
  • Flexo printing
  • Silk screen printing
  • Hot foil
  • Cold foil
  • Metal doming
  • Embossing
  • Microengraved hot foil
  • Soft touch lamination
  • Perforation (QR, 2D, data,...)
  • Numeration
  • Security/Special die cuts
  • Security elements
  • Relief varnish
  • Partial gloss or matt varnish
  • RFID and RF labels
  • Tamper-evident labels
  • Temperature indicators
  • Sterilisers
  • VOID effect
  • Several sensitivity levels of material (low to very high) are possible
  • Label on label

Innovative 360° solution with 3D mockup previews

An innovative 360° 3D solution that enables you to outpace the market and shorten product manufacturing time. Reduce the need for prototypes and seamlessly connect the product design phase with direct sales.

An excellent choice for the visibility of your products, presentation in presentations, catalogs, online, etc. Unlimited conceptual design solution. Use 3D mockups to preview product placement in shop windows or on shelves.

Premium self-adhesive labels 

Customers of premium products expect premium packaging that supports the brand story and increases the product value. An exclusive label look can be achieved by using special materials and also by using special effects (such as cold or hot foil, relief varnish, metal doming etc.).

Premium labels should be resistant to temperature changes, scratching and water, but also easy to wash off when used as returnable glass bottles.

Tamper-evident security labels

Protection, originality and/or traceability of products can be assured by security labels which cannot be removed without damage and without leaving a trace on the surface.

Additionally electronic data reading, RF or RFID can be enabled - a feature which is particularly useful in logistics. 

Non self-adhesive labels with colours visible under UV light

For non self-adhesive labels you can choose from a variety of paper (normal or metallised paper).

Labels can also be printed with UV fluorescent colours that glow under UV light. This solution will definitely catch the attention of customers who use your product in locations with UV light (such as nightclubs).

Labels with special low migration colours

Sensitive packaging applications such as those for pharmaceuticals, personal care and food require the use of low migration colours, whose chemicals will not migrate, or move, from the packaging into the product. They should not affect the safety, appearance, flavour, odour, or taste of the product contained within the packaging. An increasing number of regulations, especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries, are setting high standards related to migration of chemicals into the products.

Only glass and some types of metal packaging are a safe barrier. Many other packaging materials, such as plastics, need additional protection.

Multi-layer labels

Nowadays consumers want to know a lot about the product they buy; often much more than you can put on an average label. In this case, multi-layer labels are a great solution because they enable you to include additional information about your product.

If your product is sold in different countries, you can also use a multi-layer label for different languages. Marketing and legal purposes are just some of the reasons why multi-layer labels are getting more and more popular.

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CETIS FLEX successfully passed the FSC® audit

CETIS FLEX successfully passed the FSC® audit

20. 03. 2023

The company CETIS FLEX successfully passed the FSC® CoC (Chain of custody) audit. This achievement demonstrates commitment to responsible sourcing and forest management. More

CETIS receives Slovenian Grand Security Award for 2017

CETIS receives Slovenian Grand Security Award for 2017

15. 03. 2018

On Tuesday, 14 March 2018, the company CETIS received the Slovenian Grand Security Award 2018 for the most secure company in 2017. More

Visit us at the PHARMAPACK fair 2018

Visit us at the PHARMAPACK fair 2018

16. 01. 2018

We kindly invite you to visit us at the PHARMAPACK Fair, the leading European event for key players in drug packaging and drug delivery systems, on 7 & 8 February 2018 in Paris Expo, Porte De Vers More

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