We supply flexible packaging and commecial printing solutions for many industries, including the following: beverage and food industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

We manufacture labels, bags and pouches, flexible packaging films, sleeves, wraparound labels, forms, and various solutions for brand protection.


The success stories of our partners tell us that when launching a new product or aiming to increase sales, stylish, modern sleeves just might be the solution you have been looking for. Thanks to their flexibility regarding different shapes and sizes and their top to bottom printing, sleeves are becoming increasingly popular. More

Wraparound labels

Trendy wraparound labels offer a variety of creative, technical and interactive options that successfully attract the attention of end-consumers in the shops. They are mostly used for beverages and dairy products. More

Bags and pouches

High-quality pre-made pouches of diverse sizes, formats, materials and functions assure maintenance of your product’s freshness, fragrance and flavour. More


Choose among a variety of self-adhesive and non self-adhesive labels on foil or paper to tell the story of your product. More

Flexible packaging films

Flexible packaging films offer a great variery of packaging options and a high level of product protection. They also contribute to more sustainable packaging alternatives with low weight and eco-friendly material options. More

Brand protection

Protect your product against unauthorised opening to ensure your customers acquire a safe and genuine product. More