CETIS receives Slovenian Grand Security Award for 2017

15. 03. 2018
CETIS receives Slovenian Grand Security Award for 2017
On Tuesday, 14 March 2018, the company CETIS received the Slovenian Grand Security Award 2018 for the most secure company in 2017. The Slovenian Grand Security Award is the biggest award for security in Slovenia, which is awarded to selected institutions and individuals for their innovative contribution to the development and promotion of security. The award is presented by the Institute for Corporate Security Studies, ICS-Ljubljana, in cooperation with the Slovenian Corporate Security Association.

The awards were presented as part of the opening ceremony of the "Corporate Security Days 2018" event, which brings together prominent representatives of business, politics and the security profession. The independent jury selected the best and most innovative companies in six categories, which represent cases of good practice and innovative solutions with their reputation and activities in the field of security.

Participants in the event pointed out that we live in a complex and dynamic environment, which exposes us on a daily basis to threats and risks which could significantly influence the performance of our organisations. Corporate security is becoming an important process in the forefront of a new development of the Slovenian economy.

President of the Managing Board of CETIS Marko Mojar received the award from Sonja Šmuc, the director general of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS). 

Explanations from the awards jury on awarding the Most Secure Company Award for 2017 to the company CETIS

"The company CETIS is one of the leading European companies in security and commertial printing solutions. With its printed products and the most advanced complementary solutions, which are a result of its own development, it is a reliable strategic partner to companies and governments on four continents. The company has established a series of standards, including the certified Visa / Mastercard system for physical and logistics security, the CQM – Certifiied Mastercard quality system for bank cards production, the Security Management System ISO 27001:2013, the security certificate of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Government Office for Protection of Classified Information, which complies with security policy of the European Union (FSCC - Facility Security Clearance Certificate), and the Certificate for High Security Management System for Secure Printing ISO 14298:2013 Intergraf. The company has established in its business model a series of policies, in which protection of information and security are in focus. Information and information technology systems (IT) are a major component of the company's operations, and with regard to the nature of its work an important support to the business processes of their business partners as well.

An established security system is an essential component of the company's operations and support to its business processes as well as business processes of their partners in the international environment. Because security- and value-related printed products are subject to potential and realistic threats of theft, sabotage and other incidents, CETIS has defined basic principles and objectives of the security policy that its employees implement on all levels of the business process.

What should be singled out are measures that the company implements in the transfer of the latest findings from science and research and the internationally comparable environment to its business processes. The company is also an active corporate member of the Slovenian Corporate Security Association, and as such it transfers good practice and experience to other companies in Slovenia."

The Slovenian Grand Security Award was received by the most prominent individuals and organisations in 2017.
Second from left is Boštjan Kolar, a security and compliance officer at CETIS d.d.